Version dated 18 Feb 2019

CtrlShift’s Advertiser Policy Standard Terms and Conditions

These Advertiser Policy Standard Terms and Conditions (
‘Terms’) apply to all services provided by CtrlShift Holdings Pte Ltd (Singapore registration no.: 201415489R) and its affiliated group companies from time to time (‘Services’). All references to CtrlShift include:

  1. CtrlShift Singapore Pte Ltd (Singapore company registration no.: 200810437W)
  2. CtrlShift Malaysia Sdn Bhd (Malaysia company registration no.: 874289U)
  3. CtrlShift (Thailand) Co, Ltd (Thailand company registration no.: 874289U)
  4. PT. Bentara Teknologi Terbaik (Indonesia company registration no.:

The person or entity that has accepted the terms and conditions contained in the CtrlShift Master Services Agreement, CtrlShift Insertion Order, or otherwise agreed to deal with CtrlShift (‘Customer’), is deemed to have agreed to be bound by these Terms, as may be revised or updated by CtrlShift from time to time. Customer's continued dealing with CtrlShift after any amendment constitutes acceptance of these updated Terms, as amended.

  1. General meanings and definitions

  1. Advertisements means any form of advertising, marketing or promotion, for any person, product or service provided by CtrlShift.

  1. Cookies means:

  1. data which is stored on a hard drive or other storage device used by the consumer that contains information relating to advertisements, such as information relating to banners seen or sites visited, and managed by the browser, flash or other software for that hard drive or storage device; or

  1. any server-side records or data which relates to or is used to match Cookies    

  1. Creatives refer to all advertisement content including advertisement targeting or search options and methods, keywords, advertisement information and URLs used in connection with advertisements.

  1. Inventory provider means any entity that in the course of business sells or otherwise provides media inventory to CtrlShift or Customers for the purpose of publishing advertisements.

  1. Use of CtrlShift’s Services

  1. Business continuity is provided by running the Platform on Amazon Web Service (AWS), utilising their hosting and data storage service. In the unlikely event of a complete and long term service disruption on AWS, CtrlShift will use backed-up versions of the Platform to re-establish the service on another provider.

  1. Customer represents and warrants that all personal information provided or used in connection with advertisements or the Services are collected, stored, used and otherwise dealt with in accordance with applicable laws.

  1. CtrlShift may use cookies for the following purposes:

  1. to obtain aggregated and cumulative information, including reach and frequency of a banner or campaign;
  2. to ensure that the appropriate click through is used for a banner;
  3. to measure and track consumer preferences;
  4. for behavioural profiling; and
  5. other appropriate purposes in providing the Services.

  1. Customer acknowledges that CtrlShift has no control over advertisement content or positioning. CtrlShift is not responsible for the content of advertisements, including creatives, websites, services and landing pages which a creative links or directs consumers to or other advertised services and products.

  1. Customer is solely responsible for: (i) all creatives and advertisement targeting options, keywords, content, information and URLs; (ii) all web sites, services and landing pages which advertisements or creative links or directs consumers to; and (iii) all advertised services and products, and all claims arising therefrom.  

  1. Customer shall comply with all inventory provider terms and policies and such notices issued by CtrlShift from time to time. Customer agrees that CtrlShift may enforce these terms against as if CtrlShift were the inventory provider.

  1. Customer represents and warrants that:

  1. it holds all intellectual property rights (including copyright, trademark, patent, publicity or other rights) or the related licenses arising out or in connection with the advertisements;

  1. all information in advertisements, creatives and advertisement content are complete, correct and current;

  1. advertisements do not violate or encourage violation of any applicable laws, regulations, code of conduct or third party rights (including without limitation intellectual property rights; and

  1. it is authorised to deal with the advertisements in connection with the Services and the Platform.

  1. All timings relating to the Services and advertisements, including campaign start dates, advertisement run dates and campaign end dates, are estimates only. CtrlShift shall use best efforts to comply with these timings, but may reasonably postpone or accelerate any timings.  

  1. The automated execution of transactions through the Platform or Services may contain discrepancies, including those relating to audience, context, CPM, CPC or other similar metrics. The number of impressions and campaign performance is determined based on CtrlShift’s systems and records, and CtrlShift shall issue tracking reports and invoices solely on this basis. All reporting, invoicing and impression counts as determined by CtrlShift shall be final and binding.

  1. Customer's use or requirement of third party services not provided on the Platform or as part of the Services, including specific publishers, third party advertising inventory and data services, are subject to payment of additional fees or expenses and other terms as may be stipulated by CtrlShift.

  1. Advertisement formats, timelines, additional fees

  1. Customer shall provide advertisements in the format required by CtrlShift from time to time. CtrlShift may modify the advertisements to the extent necessary to perform the Services.

  1. Customer grants CtrlShift and its licensees a royalty-free, worldwide license to use, reproduce, market, display, publish, perform, distribute and transmit the advertisements to perform the Services.  

  1. Customer must submit creatives or advertisement tags CtrlShift at least two working days prior to the advertisement or campaign start date, or the start date may be delayed, without any liability whatsoever on CtrlShift.

  1. A nominal fee of USD1.50 per creative version in each campaign (‘Creative Charge) shall apply. However, such fee shall be waived if the total Creative Charge does not exceed 0.5% of the monthly fees due. Backup creatives that are associated with Flash items are not subject to the creative audit fees.

  1. Serving fees for creatives larger than 150kb may be levied by exchanges and inventory providers and such fees will be payable by the Customer, and may be invoiced by CtrlShift accordingly.

  1. CtrlShift reserves the right to refuse publication or delivery of advertisements served from a third party’s ad servers in the event that the inventory owner’s systems and processes do not support such delivery (or for any other reason) and shall not be liable for damages, makegoods or other remedy whatsoever.

  1. CtrlShift supports delivery of all advertisements provided by all standard third party ad servers. In the event that CtrlShift is unable to publish or deliver any advertisements because Customer elects to use an ad server that has not been approved by CtrlShift, Customer’s sole remedy shall be a mutually agreed extension of the end date of the campaign. CtrlShift shall use its best endeavours to achieve the agreed campaign objectives.

  1. Additional advertisement content and creative guidelines will be provided upon Customer’s written request.


  1. Data

  1. CtrlShift’s Platform is designed to collect and use various types of data that includes data generated or derived, in the course of usage, from sources relevant to the Customer or 3rd party sources connected, typically such data is in aggregate, anonymised form used for providing, enhancing and deploying existing and new services that may include and not limited to campaign execution as related to online advertising.

  1. Data processed by CtrlShift does not, on its own, permit identification of any specific individual. CtrlShift does not knowingly receive, store, collect or otherwise deal with personally identifiable information. Customer shall notify CtrlShift in writing if it requires CtrlShift to receive, store, collect or otherwise deal with personal information, and CtrlShift has the discretion to determine whether it is able or willing to do so. Where CtrlShift agrees, it shall be deemed to be a data processor in relation to the applicable personal information.

  1. Customer acknowledges that CtrlShift may collect aggregated data in the provision of the Services to improve the Platform, Services, audit or other uses. Such data may be used to analyse trends, understand consumer behaviour, administer the Platform to provide Customer and consumers with more relevant products and services.

  1. Customer acknowledges CtrlShift’s right to compile aggregated and anonymised information relating to the use of the Platform and Services, whether or not this information relates to Customer, and to subsequently combine, analyse or otherwise utilise such information. The results of CtrlShift’s use of such information shall be CtrlShift’s sole and exclusive property.

  1. Customer’s privacy policy

  1. Customer shall comply with all applicable data protection regulations and laws including where necessary, the conspicuous display of a privacy policy on its platforms. Both parties value consumer privacy and shall use commercially reasonable endeavours to facilitate the other party’s compliance with applicable regulation.

  1. Both parties have the right to collect and use non-personal information in connection with the Services, in accordance with applicable law and regulations. Both parties may collect and use non-personal information when such collection and usage are authorized by the Customer’s data provider or publishers, as applicable, or when such information is independently derived from a user's “click” on an ad unit.

  1. If data is provided to Customer by CtrlShift or is third party data used by Customer through the Platform or Services, Customer shall not: (i) merge or combine such data with other information, particularly personal information; (ii) resell, lease, rent, sublicense or transfer such data to third parties; (iii) use such data for any other purpose except for delivery of advertisements through the Services.

CtrlShift Holdings Pte Ltd (Singapore registration no.: 201415489R) version dated 18 Feb 2019.